We design and place policies that can be difficult to procure in local markets or that are available in London on more competitive terms. Our clients include brokers, underwriting agents, managing general agents and cedents.

Our products:

Event Cancellation and Abandonment

Protection for anything from revenues, costs, expenses and commitments, to profit and merchandising income

Event Liability

Public liability coverage is often a condition of staging an event, ensuring the organiser has cover against potential claims from attendees.

Loss of Revenue

Resulting from a sports team's failure to achieve pre-determined targets


Protection for parties that rely upon the appearance of a singer, performer or key speaker whose non-appearance would lead to the event's cancellation

Performance Sponsorship

Protects sponsors' investments in a team, individual, or event. Normally retainers are paid and incentive arrangements offer contractual bonuses related to achievements.

Over Redemption

If promotions including redeemable coupons or collect-and-win games is more successful than was anticipated this policy can cover costs incurred over and above original budgets

Prize indemnity

Protection against a significant prize being won by participants.

Contractual bonus

Protecting sponsors' investments in individuals, teams or events where bonuses related to achievements are offered

Weather-related risks

The weather may be unpredictable, but it is not uninsurable and insurance can provides some financial certainty for event organisers.

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Duncan Hubber

Duncan Hubber
Executive Director - Accident & Health, Contingency
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David Burch

David Burch
Divisional Director - Cargo Claims
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