CEOs and CFOs of early-stage or start-up biotech and pharma companies most often mention security finance from investors, protection of their intellectual property and the conduct or regulatory authorities as their biggest issue. Typically such companies are offered simple commercial insurance package policies designed to be all things to all businesses, but often omitting protection for risks that life science companies identify as most relevant.

Working with insurers that specialise in the sector, Ian Thomson, RKH Specialty healthcare team’s life science consultant, is developing coverage that will be much more effective for small and start-up companies’ needs.

These enhancements are largely based on research and analysis from discussions with individual life science companies and further informed by Ian’s 27 years’ experience with GlaxoSmithKline. However it is a process of continuous improvement, Ian continues to have many and varied conversations with companies identifying specific coverage requests that are being developed by units in RKH Specialty and insurers. “It’s a real buzz” he says “to identify how much benefit can be brought to companies off the back of a simple conversation.”

For further information please contact Ian Thomson.